PRISTUP – Melting Pot Vienna

For centuries the capital of the Austrian Empire has been the focus for people from all over southern and eastern Europe. Bringing their music, their languages, their ways of life, they produced a unique mixture of cultures.

Combining the openness of the Pannonian Puszta with the modern urban sprawl, Croatian kolo with Viennese Walzer, Pannonian csárdás with traditional classical music, typified (if you like) by the combination of spicy balkan čevapi (spicy sausage) with the Wiener Schnitzel, … tasty and fulfilling!

The musicians of PRISTUP (Croatian and Serbian: access) show their very personal approaches to all these layers of culture.

Sophisticated compositions and fiery improvisations captivate audiences, holding their attention far beyond the last note.

„They mix the region’s most diverse folkloric traditions with urban influences from Vienna to Beograd, blending them into wonderfully relaxed and virtuoso arrangements.“ (Carsten Fastner, „Falter“)

Hannes Laszakovits: croato-hungarian Austrian, double bass

Christian Bakanićaccordion virtuoso

Vlado Blum: Viennese from Belgrade, guitar

Guest musician: Andrey Prozorov: Sax player from Odessa

Get in touch: via phone +43 699 19131267 or e-mail info (at)